House Extensions


If your home is suitable for extension into your garden or yard, it’s worth considering. Home extensions cost less than you might think, and don’t just add space but value to your property as well.

We can show you examples of other houses we’ve built extensions for, help with ideas and advise on whether planning permission is necessary (usually it isn’t). We’ll also advise on what’s required – layout, materials, finish and so on.


Add space, Increase value

Thinking of moving house? Compared to moving, extending can often save time, money and stress – avoiding costly agents fees, stamp duty and paying movers. You might be able to extend what you already have and make it better than what you’d get for the same money if you moved.

HiCroft has the skills and experience required to help you develop a plan for extending your home and to complete the plan in a short time and with a minimum of fuss and an emphasis on quality.

Why Us for Extensions?

We have developed a strong understanding of space and aesthetics and we will work with you give you an extension that meets your personal needs and taste.

There are a variety of ways that we can help improve the layout of your home, including:


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